Voxengo Voxformer, Quick Review

This is a plug-in that gives you instant control on many things in your DAW´s  channelstrip. Voxformer is quite easy to use. It has built in spectrum analyzer which helps you to see quickly the possible problem frequencies on your track. It has two separate compressors and they both have independent controls. You can also use them as two band multiband compressor with adjustable cross over point.

What else do you get with Voxformer? There is five band equalizer with shelving lows and highs and the rest three bands are fully parametric. For vocal tracks there are de-esser and multiband gate. There are also precence control and saturation control to give some characteristics to the sound if desired. You can control dry/wet mix if you want, which is often a useful feature.

What about the sound then? I´d say it sounds ok. Of course there are better equlizers, compressors and de-essers out there, but still, this is a versatile and handy tool for many situations. I could use it on drum tracks, guitars and maybe for vocals too. I found it very useful tool for making a killer kick drum sound, which is another story…

+  versatile tool

+ quick to handle