Logic Pro X -The Next Version of Logic Studio?

Video editors are getting their Final Cut Pro X software in June 2011. This may be speculation, but I would not be surprised if the next version of Logic Studio would be called Logic Pro X, especially when right now we are still going with version number 9.

Logic Pro X, what features would it have? I would like to see Soundtrack Pro and Waveburner software to be inbuilt in Logic Pro X. I expect to see All-In-One-software, which conveniently combines composing, mixing, film sound processing, and also CD-mastering. I would like to see a stable program which allows user to concentrate on work trusting that the software works exactly as you wish it to work. I would be happy to see, for example, instability of  Waveburner software to be history.

And about the price: If anyone would predict anything from pricing of the Final Cut Pro X software, hardly Logic Pro X just can be much more, the price is probably around $ 300. Competitors would be at that stage quite out on a limb.