Voxengo Elephant, Quick Review

Loudness war goes on and on – but don´t worry, there is a solution and it doesn´t cost too much. Voxengo Elephant is a mastering limiter that is transparent, doesn´t pump and gives you loudness enough for serious mastering. Voxengo Elephant is actually so good that I would compare it to Waves L2 limiter.

Voxengo Elephant has 64 bit floating point processing,  multi channel processing, 10 predefined limiter modes, A/B comparisons and noise shaped dithering. It´s available as AU and VST plugins.

+ transparency
+ sound quality
+ supports multi-channel at any standard sample rate


Propellerhead Record Software Available

I´ve been using Propellerhead´s Reason software many years ago. It was an interesting piece of software. It was everything that you could ask for if you were an synthesizer geek. And you could use it with any audio sequencer by using the Rewire technology.That is also why I stopped using it. Because it was easier to use only one software at the time I made synthesizer tracks also with Logic. Continue reading “Propellerhead Record Software Available”

Sony Oxford Inflator, Quick Review

This plugin really adds something more even to a track that has already been limited very hard. With Sony Oxford Inflator you can get more loudness without any breathing or pumping. It´s not as it´s best if you try to use it as the only limiter in a stereo bus. I got best results when using it after a limiter in a drums bus or in main stereo bus. What I think that should be included is dithering. But this is still well worth buying.

+ Simple to use
+ Sound quality & results
– No dithering