How to Record Tracks to Achieve a Good Mix

Recording engineers and musicians sometimes have strange sound ideas. Well, experimenting with sounds is fine and desirable. Once you start to do that, you’ll never know what you will get. However, you should always save the audio source on another track as neutral as possible. Just in case.

One of the hardest things to correct in a mix is human voice recorded with a bad microphone. That’s why you should always do all the sound experimenting safely to another track keeping the original, neutral sound too. A decent vocal track may be recorded with a low-cost microphone, though in lower price range there are also bad microphones available. If you are not sure about vocal mics, ask someone who knows better. Continue reading “How to Record Tracks to Achieve a Good Mix”

How to Mix Kick Sound – Tutorial Video

There are lot of compressor and equalizers out there, and also other great tools for sound shaping, but Voxengo Voxformer is very handy when it comes to making a kick drum sound with a big bottom end.  I  like this plug-in because by using it I can achieve good results within just couple of minutes. One thing that gives me advanced control is the possibility to use a two band compressor. This example is made with an acoustic kick drum sound.

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Mixing Drums – Tips and Tricks

Mixing drums is surely one of the most difficult part of mixing music.  How to make a punchy kick that has big sound but not too big? How to make a great sounding snare track? Of course it is also question of how the tracks have been recorded. But you can still do a lot in the mix even if the recorded sound wasn´t perfect. Take a look at this initial of forthcoming Mixing Tutorial.

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