How to Mix Kick Sound – Tutorial Video

There are lot of compressor and equalizers out there, and also other great tools for sound shaping, but Voxengo Voxformer is very handy when it comes to making a kick drum sound with a big bottom end.  I  like this plug-in because by using it I can achieve good results within just couple of minutes. One thing that gives me advanced control is the possibility to use a two band compressor. This example is made with an acoustic kick drum sound.

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Mixing Drums – Tips and Tricks

Mixing drums is surely one of the most difficult part of mixing music.  How to make a punchy kick that has big sound but not too big? How to make a great sounding snare track? Of course it is also question of how the tracks have been recorded. But you can still do a lot in the mix even if the recorded sound wasn´t perfect. Take a look at this initial of forthcoming Mixing Tutorial.

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